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4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

I am too ashamed to answer this question.

Well, fine. The first novel I ever tried to write was when I was twelve; the protagonist was a twelve-year-old named Kate. (But she didn't look anything like me! So there's that.) Kate was destined (of course) to save this other world (of course) so she was chased by wolves (of course) and fell through a portal and ended up in the world's stupidest fantasy land. I can't even talk about this, y'all.

So she gathered up a posse of random people to travel across the seven "zones" gathering the seven "jewels." I was into Digimon at the time, so they were things like the Sapphire of Forgiveness or some crap like that. Because once she had the seven jewels, she could surely defeat the Big Bad and go home! And in the process she found her missing father only I think he actually decided to stay in fantasyland, I can't even remember anymore.

It was so lame and everything about it was so generic. It was so much fun to work on, though, for the couple of years that I worked on it, on and off. And I think that it got the tendency toward COLLECT THE JEWEL SHARDS plots out of my system, which is all well and good, right?


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