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You know, when that's the second time this show has either glossed over rape or played it for comedy, I'm starting to get seriously fucking grossed out.

(And yes, I do consider what Puck did to Quinn to be rape, even if she doesn't. She was drunk and upset, and she was dating his best friend, meaning he should have known better. And he took advantage of her anyway. We'll probably never know how drunk he was at the time, but at the very least, it was dubious consent.)

I don't know. I might be done. The show hasn't gotten any better over the hiatus, and indeed, it seems to have gotten worse in every conceivable way. The show is still completely focused on its straight white leads (and I still hate Will), they still feel a need to repeat the episode theme at least once every five minutes in case we forget that this week they're introducing themselves to themselves, and they've even managed to sour me on Sue. And much as I love Terri in general, they brought her back and made her even more evil than before. Because if we humanise her, we might remember the way Will treated her and hate him! Bastard.

I'm just getting tired of hating something that everybody else loves. I can't help but feel that there must be something wrong with me. The best thing might be to walk away...the problem being, I do genuinely love most of the characters (just not the leads who I'm forced to watch constantly) and the show is usually very funny, and the music is great. It's not all bad. I'm just so sick of the way everyone else either doesn't notice the bad, or just brushes it off.
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