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The Red Kitchen Reader (Athletics) in Castle Private Quarters
Death Blow of Abernanit (Block) in Fighters Guild
King (Blunt) in Castle Royal Quarters
2920, Frostfall v10 (Conjuration) in Chapel Hall
The Doors of Oblivion (Conjuration) in Mages Guild
The Locked Room (Security) in Smuggler's Cave beneath castle

Thief (Acrobatics) at S'krivva's house - Read, did not take
Light Armor Repair (Armorer) in the Castle Barracks
Battle of Sancre Tor (Blade) in the Castle Great Hall (locked case)
Song of Hrormir (Blade) in Castle Private Quarters East Wing
The Importance of Where (Blunt) in Castle Dungeon
The Horrors of Castle Xyr (Destruction) in Mages Guild
Father of the Niben (Marksman) in Castle Lords Manor north wing
2920 Rain's Hand v4 (Restoration) in Chapel Hall
The Wolf Queen v1 (Security) in Dro'shanji's house
2920 Last Seed v8 (Sneak) in City-Swimmer's house

2920, Hearth Fire v9 (Conjuration) in Chapel Hall
How Orsinium Passed to Orcs (Heavy Armor) in Castle Lords Manor
The Wolf Queen, v3 (Illusion) in Mages Guild
A Dance in Fire v5 (Marksman) in Regner's house

A Game At Dinner (Alchemy) in the Mages' Guild
Words and Philosophy (Blade) in Modryn Oreyn's house
The Legendary Sacre Tor (Blunt) in Vilena Donton's house
2920, MidYear v6 (Heavy Armor) in Fire and Steel
Hallgerd's Tale (Heavy Armor) in Fighters Guild
Vernaccus and Bourlor (Marksman) in Renoit's Books
A Dance in Fire v6 (Mercantile) in Casta Scribonia's house - this is theft, take but be wary
Notes on Racial Phylogeny (Restoration) in Chapel Hall

A Dance In Fire, v1 (Acrobatics) at Ganredhel's house
The Armorer's Challenge (Armorer) in Fighters Guild
Ahzirr Traajijazeri (Hand to Hand) in Dark Brotherhood sanctuary
Incident in Necrom (Illusion) in Willow Bank
The Rear Guard (Light Armor) in Dark Brotherhood sanctuary
The Black Arrow v2 (Marksman) in Dark Brotherhood sanctuary
The Gold Ribbon of Merit (Marksman) in Dark Brotherhood sanctuary
The Firsthold Revolt (Mysticism) in Mages Guild
Advances in Lock Picking (Security) at Mach-Na's books (BUY)
The Wolf Queen v6 (Sneak) in Dark Brotherhood sanctuary
The Wolf Queen v7 (Speechcraft) Castle Lords Quarters

Mannimarco, King of Worms (Alchemy) in the Mystic Archives
Song of the Alchemists (Alchemy) in the Lustratorium
The Dragon Break (Alteration) in Dovyn Aren's house (Elven Gardens) - DO NOT TAKE, HE IS A FELLOW THIEF
Cherim's Heart of Anequina (Armorer) in the First Edition
Last Scabbard of Akrash (Armorer) in Fighting Chance - DO NOT TAKE, IS THEFT AND DUNNO WHY
The Ransom of Zarek (Athletics) in the Arena Bloodworks
A Dance In Fire, v2 (Block) in the Guard House of Elven Gardens (ground floor)
Liminal Bridges (Conjuration) in the Mystic Archives
Response to Bero's Speech (Destruction) in the Mystic Archives
Immortal Blood (Hand to Hand) in Seridur's house
Chimarvamidium (Heavy Armor) in Prison Barracks (second floor of Legion Offices) - This is theft - take but be careful
Fighters Guild History, First Edition (Heavy Armor) in Mystic Archives
The Argonian Account Book Three (Illusion) in Mystic Archives
The Refugees (Light Armor) in First Edition
2920, Sun's Height v7 (Mercantile) in The Black Horse Courier - This is theft - take but be careful
The Buying Game (Mercantile) in Fathis Ules's house (Elven Gardens) - DO NOT TAKE - fellow thief
The Wolf Queen v4 (Mercantile) in Imperial Commerce - this is theft, take but be wary
Before the Ages of Man (Mysticism) in Chironasium
The Black Arts on Trial (Mysticism) in Mystic Emporium (Market District)
Proper Lock Design (Security) in Dareloth's House (Waterfront) after finishing Thieves Guild
The Wolf Queen v5 (Speechcraft) in Hastrel Ottus's house (Temple District)

A Dance In Fire, v4 (Acrobatics), Kvatch Castle, Great Hall

Reality & Other Falsehoods (Alteration) in Southern Books
Sithis (Alteration) in Chapel Hall
The Mirror (Block) in City Watch Barracks
Warrior (Block) in Alessia Caro's chamber
Ice and Chitin (Light Armor) in Ahdarji's house
Withershins (Restoration) in Mages Guild

De Rerum Dirennis (Alchemy) at All Things Alchemical
Daughter of the Niben (Alteration) in the Mages Guild
A Dance in Fire, v3 (Athletics) in Uuras the Shepherd's house
A Hypothetical Treachery (Destruction) in Castle Lords Manor, Hassildor's room
The Wolf Queen, v2 (Hand to Hand) in Castle Lords Manor, Hassildor's room
2920 Sun's Dawn v2 (Mysticism) in Chapel Hall
The Exodus (Restoration) in Chapel Hall

Mystery of Talara, v1 (Acrobatics), chest on the Laughing Coast (also random)

BLEAK FLATS CAVE: Lord Jomibret's Last Dance (Light Armor)
BRINDLE HOME: The Black Arrow, v1 (Acrobatics) at Torbal's house
CLOUD RULER TEMPLE: Beggar (Athletics), The Warp in the West (Block) after Dagon Shrine, Legend of Crately House (Sneak)
FIELDHOUSE CAVE: Way of the Exposed Palm (Hand to Hand)
FORT CARACTACUS: Mystery of Talara v4 (Illusion) in the alchemy lab
FORT CUPTOR: Souls Black and White (Mysticism) in the Battlemains
GOBLIN JIM'S CAVE: Night Falls on Sentinel (Blunt)
IMPERIAL BRIDGE INN: Calcinator Treatise (Alchemy) under Lithnilian's bed
LEAFROT CAVE: The Art of War Magic (Destruction)

Mystery of Talara, v1 (Acrobatics) (also found in Shivering Isles)
Heavy Armor Repair (Armorer)
The Argonian Account, book 1 (Athletics)
Mace Etiquette (Blunt)
The Warrior's Charge (Conjuration)
Mystery of Talara, v3 (Destruction)
Master Zoaraym's Tale (Hand to Hand)
History of the Fighters Guild (Heavy Armor)
Rislav the Righteous (Light Armor)
A Dance in Fire v7 (Mercantile)
Mystery of Talara v2 (Restoration)
Surfeit of Thieves (Security)
Purloined Shadows (Sneak)

The Lunar Lorkhan (Alteration) - in Dreamworld
Biography of the Wolf Queen (Speechcraft) - reward for Caught in the Hunt
2920, Morning Star (Blade) - get if The Wandering Scholar (Fighter quest) survives. Otherwise can be found elsewhere.
Fire and Darkness (Blade) - in the Hall of Epochs during The Ultimate Heist
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 (Conjuration) - during Path of Dawn
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2 (Destruction) - during Path of Dawn
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3 (Illusion) - during Path of Dawn
Palla v1 (Illusion) - Arkven's Tower during Vaermina's daedric quest
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4 (Mysticism) - during Path of Dawn
Sacred Witness (Sneak) - during Dagon Shrine in Lake Arrius Caverns Shrine Living Quarters
2920 Second Seed v5 (Speechcraft) - Imperial Palace, Imperial Battlemages' quarters, during Ultimate Heist


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